Rebuilding Ukraine.

UkraineOffice is an association that serves and brings together businesses, authorities, individuals, and other stakeholders interested in Ukraine's reconstruction.

The association provides a platform for both wartime and post-war reconstruction.

As part of our commitment to responsibility, the association promotes the well-being and quality of life of Ukrainian citizens.

UkraineOffice is committed to helping rebuild Ukraine by offering technical expertise, services to business and policy analysis to assist in the reconstruction of vital infrastructure and services throughout the country.

The right time is now

New market positions for businesses are being created and developed at an accelerating pace, despite the ongoing war. If you want to anticipate and ensure the future position and success of your company, it is essential to explore, establish contacts, and make plans to enter the Ukrainian market now. There is a current demand for products from various companies in Ukraine during the war. Significant investments will naturally come after peace is established.

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Ukraine Office's Search Services

UkraineOffice offers a tender search operation for open projects which are suitable to your business capabilities, needs and plans. The search normally takes up to 3 working days, depending on the scope of the search and the specific features. After finding a tender project that interests you, UkraineOffice assists you in participating in the tender and entering the bid. Contact us using the form or call us at +358 40 500 6121

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