Our Mission

UkraineOffice's mission is to act as a unifying, accountable and constantly evolving forum and channel for Ukraine's pre- and post-war reconstruction. 

The full-scale war that has now lasted for more than a year has caused incalculable human and material suffering and damage to the Ukrainian people, the awareness and understanding of which is part of the responsibility of our mission.

The war has devastated Ukraine on a massive scale, with the cost of rebuilding it already estimated in February 2023 at almost USD 411 billion (source: World Bank) - a figure that continues to rise every day as the war continues. 

The ongoing war has also highlighted the widespread human rights violations identified by international law. DG JUST (European Union Justice Commissioner) has documented over 65,000 war crimes (as of 23 February 2023) committed by Russian military forces and their allies since the conflict and war began in 2014.

In addition, the war has resulted in 20 million internally displaced persons. The humanitarian crisis caused by the war has also been compounded by a significant increase in unemployment, deteriorating school and hospital capacity and overcrowding because of bombing.

An important part of demonstrating support for reconstruction is to integrate Ukraine into both the EU and international trade opportunities. The reconstruction of Ukraine will take place with global support, together with Ukrainian society. This will have a significant positive impact on the quality of life and confidence of individual citizens.

New global contacts will give Ukrainian people access to training and other opportunities organised by international companies and governments that were not previously available to them in Ukraine. 

For Ukrainian companies, new global networks offer opportunities to enter entirely new markets, to participate in investment and to take part in reconstruction as part of internationally funded business projects.
Finally, bringing people and businesses from different countries together will promote cultural exchange, understanding and cooperation. This will further lead to mutually beneficial partnerships at different levels and sectors of society in the long term. This development will support the overall recovery of the Ukrainian people from the war. 

We are in the middle of unprecedented events of major significance in Europe that have not been experienced by this generation. 

"Connecting Ukrainians and companies in the European Union is an important part of providing support for both companies and individual citizens. Through improved imports and exports and the transfer of knowledge, both countries can benefit from this relationship."

Risto Haataja


"UkraineOffice is committed to the restoration of Ukraine and was officially registered in the spring of 2023. Our mission is to provide practical support and valuable information to businesses, both now and in the future. In addition, the immense suffering caused by the war to the people of Ukraine, the nation and the state as a whole is very much on our minds and will be reflected in our actions."

Jouni Putkonen


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